High School Meeting Calendar
Upcoming COSOA events and meetings:
    All meetings held at:
      St Charles Medical Center, Conf Rm D (Bend, OR) - 6:30pm

    • Meetings for 2020 will scheduled in August, once known whether or not there will be a fall high school soccer season.

    Becoming a High School Soccer Referee

    Please visit the following website to get started: newofficials.org
    Certification Requirement for High School Soccer Officials, per the OSAA Athletic Officials Handbook:
    Each individual needs to:
    • Be at least 18 years of age (exceptions for Youth Officials must be approved by the Commissioner and Assignor of the Association).
    • Be a member in good standing of a local Officials Association (such as our very own Central Oregon Soccer Referee Association).
    • Complete the annual OSAA online officials registration process.
    • Attend the study/training meetings or complete 10 hours of approved training.
    • Pass a criminal background check.
    • Complete an annual OSAA Concussion awareness training course.
    • Pass the online High School Soccer Referee Test (open book).

    High School Soccer Referee Eligibility, State of Oregon
    The complimentary NFHS Interscholastic Officiating Course is an on-line alternative to the local association course and can be accessed here.

    Officials may now check their OCEP Principals and Playoff status by visiting the OAOA website--clicking on the OCEP link.  It takes about 7-10 days following a clinic/course for the lists to be updated.  If you believe there is an error in your status, contact Clark via email at: clark@oreofficials.org.

    High School Soccer Referee Registration
    There are three steps to complete, in order for us to be able to assign you Soccer Games in the State of Oregon:
    • Complete the annual OSAA Online Officials Registration (see below for step-by-step instruction).
    • Complete the annual OSAA Concussion Awareness Training Video (see below for step-by-step instruction).
    • Pass an online Open Book Soccer Referee Test (see below for step-by-step instruction).
    Step 1 - Complete the annual OSAA Online Officials Registration
    • Go to the OSAA-Arbiter website at: http://osaa.arbitersports.com.
    • Click on the Register Now icon
    • Select the seal of the Oregon Officials
    • Select Soccer Registration
    • Read each page and fill in the requested information; click Next after completing each page
      • Write down the Username (your email) and Password, since you will be coming back to this website again
    • At the Local Association page, select Bend / COSOA
    • Pay the Registration Fee ($65) via credit or debit card.
    • About 7 to 10 days after getting registered, you should receive a packet in the mail which should include your High School Rule Book and Badge.
    Step 2 - Complete the annual OSAA Concussion Awareness Training Video
    • Go to the OSAA-Arbiter website at: http://osaa.arbitersports.com.
    • At the top right corner, Sign In using your Email Address and Password
    • Select the Eligibility tab from the black tab at the top
    • Scroll down to Varsity Soccer and click on the area to the right which shows how many of the requirement you have completed.
    • Once you have clicked on that, you will see a listing of the things that are completed.
    • You will see Understanding Concussion - What Officials Need to Know and you will want to click on View Clinic
    • Click OK. You will now leave the Arbiter Sports website and be directed to the Brainshark website and Concussion Video.
    • Play and watch the 10 minute video and answer the 5 questions at the end of the video. After completing this requirement, the red Completion Criteria button should turn green. The website refreshes twice a day, so it may take up to 12 hours for the system and Arbiter to recognize your completion and check you off as having completed the Concussion Requirement.
    Step 3 - Pass on online Open Book Soccer Referee Test
    • Go to the OSAA-Arbiter website at: http://osaa.arbitersports.com.
    • At the top right corner, Sign In using your Email Address and Password
    • Select Soccer from the black tab at the top
    • Select Testing from the black tab at the top
    • Select the Soccer Rules Exam - Part I exam and push Take Test. The exam is also offered in Spanish (Examen de Futbol Soccer - Part I)
    • Again ... it's an open book test. You can skip or write down the ones that you have a hard time finding an answer to and we can go over those at one of our General Meetings or you can always email the COSOA Commissioner the 5 or 10 questions that are confusing you and we'll do our best to help you with the answer via email. You can also take a break or leave the test and log back in at a later time when or if you get tired and have answered too many questions.

    Once you have successfully completed these three steps ... you should be all done with the registration process and we can start trying to get you some soccer games to work!

    OSAA Registration and NFHS Testing timelines are summarized in the below:
    • Testing Opens: TBD 2020
    • Test Review Opens: TBD 2020
    • Testing/Registration Closes: TBD 2020

    High School Soccer Referee Fee Schedule
    2020 Regular Season, per game (pre-deductions):
    • 6A,5A,4A Varsity Fee - $xx.xx
    • 6A,5A,4A Sub-varsity Fee - $xx.xx
    • 3A,2A,1A Varsity Fee - $xx.xx
    • 3A,2A,1A Sub-varsity Fee - $xx.xx
    2020 State Championships / Playoffs, per game:
    • 6A,5A,4A Sub-rounds - Base Fee + $5.00
    • 6A,5A,4A Championship Games - Base Fee + $10.00
    • 6A,5A,4A 4th Official - 1/2 State Champ Fee
    • 3A,2A,1A Sub-rounds - Base Fee + $5.00
    • 3A,2A,1A Championship Games - Base Fee + $10.00
    • 3A,2A,1A 4th Official - 1/2 State Champ Fee
    Mileage Reimbursement:
    • Games within our Association or area of coverage: 0.20 cents/mile per official ($5 minimum per official, regardless of who drives)
    • State Playoff Matches: 0.50 cents/mile for the driver or team that is driving to the contest

    Becoming a USSF Soccer Referee
    To get started, Oregon Referee Committee offers an outstanding resource to learn what it takes to become a soccer official, what challenges they will face and what skills they will need to meet those challenge.

    What is COSOA?
    The Central Oregon Soccer Officials Association supports staffing of local high school, recreational, tournament and men's league soccer games.

    What is COSOA's mission?
    In general, COSOA supports competitive soccer in Central Oregon at the following levels: